Mijn book: Who will bring me home?

Who will bring me home?

Biblical Philosophical Reflections on Power and Love, Trust and Hope for Those Who No Longer Know What to Do with Love.

Author: Jan Willem Kirpestein

This book is a profound meditation on power and love and in its wake on trust and hope. The author offers a new approach of these ancient biblical values.
If human love is fascinated by power, what is power’s attraction and charm? Love is fascinated by a promise of rootedness in a real future life. This promise is experienced as a revelation of our true home. It means that human love is expecting something from the one who possesses power. Is he or she able to make the promise true?
Power should be cute, otherwise it will be experienced as a repulsive force. However, without the possibility to become a repulsive force power is unable to unveil its executing force. But the promise needs to be unconditional. Love is a movement of one’s free will. Therefore, love can become disappointed. How were love, trust, and hope at work in relation to Gods revelation in the Torah and at work in the consciousness and live of Jesus Christ? What does that mean for us?

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who will Bring me home book Jan Willem kirpestein

Who will bring me home?








In his Who Will Bring Me Home?, Jan Kirpestein takes us on a well-seasoned, biblically and relationally insightful, gentle walk through the heart and soul of what it means to be human. All people crave and long for both an immediate and an ultimate home—a place of acceptance, warmth, strength, forgiveness and hope. It’s all about a love that trusts and hopes in the right way and the right direction. Readers will be delighted and inspired as they encounter Ruth and Naomi, Hannah, the Roman Centurion, Thomas, and, above all, Jesus in this beautiful meditation.
– David W. Gill, Retired professor of theological and business ethics. Author of Becoming Good: Building Moral Character (2000) and nine other books